Get to Know: Barbara Dunkelman.

Thomas Brodie Sangster and Ki Hong Lee on set

“[Minho] pulled one of his knives from a pocket and, without missing a beat, cut a big piece of ivy off the wall. He threw it on the ground behind him and kept running. “Bread crumbs?” Thomas asked, the old fairy tale popping into his mind. Such odd glimpses of his past had almost stopped surprising him. “Bread crumbs,” Minho replied. “I’m Hansel, you’re Gretel.”


Dare MattG 92

People tell me I look mournful. They say, “Cheer up, Dan, it’s not that bad!” Sometimes I just look into space, which freaks people out. If I was ever required to do anything other than look haunted, I could. I’m a happy person.


The Slow Mo Guys in the Youtube Rewind (x)

Mockingjay: Part 1 Posters

Hey everyone…I thought I would put this here because she put this up and deleted her account so quickly.
Leda posted this to her twitter, as well as a tweet saying “I love you guys. Always.”
I just wasn’t sure how to spread the word for the people who wouldn’t of been paying attention to her twitter account at this time, so I’m putting this here.